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in washington to explain all of this for us. good morning to you. >> good morning. the obama administration is in a difficult position and has not called to ouster morsi in a coup. white house press secretary jay carney says the obama administration is reviewing obligations under the law and will consult with congress about how to move forward. the situation remains tense and fluid. the obama administration is calling on the military to exercise quote maximum restraint responding to protestors. however at the moment the administration will continue to provide $1.3 billion in military assistance to egypt. >> let me just finish. i think this is an important point you are raising is that the reason we have provided this aid in the past doesn't mean we have supported every action by the government of egypt but there are security interests in the region and in the united states. they continue sending funds saying while mow ma'am morsi is a bad they should suspend the aid and allow egypt to allow a new constitution and fair and free election. >> i think they are confused on this, they and many su
. the obama administration said for months they wouldn't rule out any options on troop levels but today they wouldn't say. >> president obama said the united states will fight along. there are about 63,000 american troops in afghanistan. by next february the numbers could be cut in half. it looks like the president may speed up the timeline now. >> we have some breaking news in to the newsroom right now. details on that deadly train derailment in canada. officials said they were opening a criminal investigation into the crash and fire that followed. we learned two new bodies have been discovered in the middle of that wreckage. investigators are putting their attention on the train's brakes. in all, we know 15 people died in the derailment and fire. >>> a museum in georgia is apologizing. the family of a young girl said their daughter was turned away from the police because of a wheelchair. 11-year-old lexy haas as cerebral palsy and get around in a wheel cheer. her father said they told lexy she couldn't go into the mew see. either switch to one of that your wheelchairs or she could wat
. the obama administration says the president is going to be out front rallying business groups and churches and visiting states with large hispanic populations. mara. >> tracie potts in washington. thanks, tracie. >>> turning to egypt, the muslim brotherhood has rejected the interim president's new timetable for constitutional amendments and new elections by early next year. tuesday, a new prime minister for the embattled country. atia is live in cairo. good morning. what's the latest where you are? >> reporter: good morning, mara. it came as no surprise that the mum limb brotherhood would not accept the new constitutional decree by the new government. they still haven't accepted their new interim government. their one demand from the beginning has been the reinstatement of mohamed morsi as the legitimate president. they shall forging ahead with a new cabinet. they are having a new prime minister. he's one of the co founders of the social democratic party here. at the same time, they've appointed mohammed alberdi, the former negotiating chief from the iaei from foreign relations to allow th
, u.son. lawmakers are debating whether the obama administration cut off more than $1 billion in aid to egypt. >>> president obama did something he has not done in a couple years. he met with members of the congressional black caucus. they came to the white house an talked for about an hour and aau half. a number of issues came up ca including the need to keep federal student loan rates low. >> believe me, that students are being challenged significantly by plebs also discussed that the president their concerns about the recent supreme court ruling on voting rights. >>> and just into the fox 5 newsroom, legal troubles tonighl for one of the sons of virginia governor bob mcdonnell. 21-year-old shawn mcdonnellawn was arrested on saturday andste charged with public intoxication. it happened in charlottesville where mcdonnell is going to be a senior at university of virginia. he was released in his own recognizance, and scheduled tode be back in court next month. >>> straight head on the news edge, fun food and excitementex after the second annual state dinner. >>> it appears that the am
, not an easy task since his passport was revoked by washington. the obama administration,on, advised governments against allowing snowden to land on their territory. >> we are clear we would like to see him return, if he was granted asylum that would impact our bilateral relationship. >> reporter: his is one of several country that has offered asylum to the snowden.own. >> the united states does not do govern us. we are a free country andcountr sovereign and no one governsgo ups. >> reporter: the brazilian government has begun an investigation of its own.ow officials are there checking whether telecommunication firmsi operating inside of the firmsrms cooperating with the u.s. spying program. in new york ainsleyer tha ainsla live in new york. >>> the military released videod says that the gunmen fired on soldiers. prosecute testers are angry at last week -- protesters are angry at last week's coup that removed morsi. and some are saying that the we should cut off aid, but the th government says that that is not the best into the united states. >>> caribbean island bracing more rain
the obama administration pushing that back to 2015. >>> now the delay comes about a week aft administration announced it would also be delaying another provision which requires businesses with more than 50 workers to offer health insurance. now that lawmakers are back on the hill, they're expressing their displeasure. >> the idea that we're going to give big businesses a break under obama care, are we going to punish small businesses and families? wrong. we'll have another vote. count on it. >> last week's announcement does not change the individual mandate that will force average americans to buy health insurance or face fines. that will still take effect next year. >>> police say they need more information after a preliminary autopsy into the death of a missing 7-year-old boy in d.c. ko im reports. >> reporter: police now have their timeline but even with the preliminary autopsy result, they still have a lot of questions about what happened. the kings burys lived on the second floor of this apartment. mom told us the last time she saw mike cam was saturday night. >> i just want my son to
to $750 million. that is 200 less than the obama administration predicted. the obama administration revised its forecast made in april, and are now projecting that economim growth should be slightly slowet in the coming days. >>> d.c. embattled fire chieff should get a boost for a change. >>> first peanuts and crackerker jacks, hot dogs as well. well. you won't believe how manybeli pounds you may be packing on att the ballpark. i bet you, we will believe t. >> i don't want to know. >> it's the ballpark, you have e hot dog, right, tucker. >>> i have lots, and lots ofof them. warm and humid conditions today. thunderstorms this afternoon. we will talk about the weatherth and the ecool weather on the wa and julie has traffic rightc after the break.  >>> welcome back to fox 5 morning a pretty decent start to the the day. time is 5:15. here is a question for you. headed to the ballpark. here is something to keep in in mind for those of you watching a your waistline. >> uh-huh. uhu >> you do it, are you ready for this. >> all right, bring it on. >> some fans say the
, according to the american action forum, the obama administration's rulemaking agenda for 2013 could cost taxpayers more than $130 billion. here to weigh in is a representative from independent women's forum. sabrina thanks for coming on. you're saying in addition to all the laws that congress passes and the president signs there's a whole other series of regulations that are expensive and basically unseen by voters, people didn't know they exist. >> isn't that true. first of all this is before obama care goes into full effect which is concerning. but really, several of these reports, american action forum, cei puts out a report every year. the compliance costs are a hidden tax on american families and the economy that i think people don't realize and under estimate the impact what that means for our daily lives. >> let's go through a few of these. one you list is the limiting worker exposure to silica dust. what does that mean and what will it cost >> most of these regulations are for the epa, energy, transportation, a lot of food safety. i think this is where it gets tricky when we dig
administration via a conference call. martha: this comes as the obama administration considers delaying the mandate for individual as well. they don't want the president to pick and choose parts of this law to enforce. >> we sent a letter to the president asking him to justify a delay in the employer mandate while leaving in place the mandate on individuals and families. if businesses can get relief, individuals should get relief as well. handing out subsidies is open to massive fraud and abuse. having the subsidies without any verification is opening the system up to all kinds of corruptions. we need to protect the american people from this law permanently. >> we strongly agree that this bill can't be implemented at this time. but we have an even stronger disagreement with this president that a time delay is going to fix the fundamental flaws in this bill. but as the president took this action and the unfairness it dealt to the american people, the house will respond to correct that injustice. martha: alan colmes and rich lowry, this is -- i think people on both sides at this point --
the tankers and made its way into nearby waterways. >>> the obama administration is calling for calm following the bloodiest day of protests in egypt in nearly two years. at least 50 people were killed today when the fighting erupted between members of the muslim brotherhood and the egyptian military. the muslim brotherhood wants to see egypt's first democratically elected president return to power and insists this was an unprovoked attack. the military says protesters fired first and pointed to this video of a demonstrator with a weapon as evidence. the white house says it will take more time to determine whether to call morsi's ouster a military coup. >> tens of millions of egyptians had legitimate grievances with president morsi's undemocrattic form of governance and do not believe this was a coup. >> according to the law, if there was a military coup, the u.s. has to cut off aid. >>> country singer randy travis is in critical condition tonight at a texas hospital suffering from viral cardiomyopathy, a heart condition caused by a virus which can lead to heart failure. treatment range from m
military's ouster of president mohammed morsi. white house press secretary jay carney says the obama administration is not willing to call this move a coup. >> we'll take the time necessary to review what has taken place and monitor effort by egyptian authorities to forge an inclose yuf and democratic way forward. i think it would not be in the best interests of the united states to immediately change our assistance programs to egypt. not just i, we think it would not in the best interests of the united states to do that. martha: let's see what kentucky senator rand paul thinks about this. welcome back to the program. what's your reaction to what jay carney had to say? >> let me translate what jay carney is saying. he's saying i'm going to ignore the law. the law says that when a military coup happens foreign aid should end. we are not suppose to be in favor of supporting military overthrow of democrat you canally elected government. i'm no fan of the muslim brotherhood because i don't think they should have been given money because they appeared after a military coup as well. the pr
. the country is polarized and on the verge of economic collapse. the obama administration continues to carefully monitor the second attempt otto -- at democracy. >> this is a complex situation and it is not in our interest to prove -- move unnecessarily quickly. >> monday marks the deadliest day since morsi's removal july 3. more than 50 were killed and 100 injured. critics say the whitehouse -- house as has been slow while the political crisis grows worse daily. >> we come in this in our policy toward the middle east which is a shambles. >> military sources says this shows an armed attacker advanced on an area where morsi is believed to be in prison. >> -- we're hopeful they'll be able to emerge from this crisis. we know they will not be able to unless people of the country come together and in a non-violent and inclusive way. >> morsi muslim brotherhood is calling on egyptians to rise up against the military blaming it for a coup. mideast experts say turmoil will continue until a more popular leader can be democratically elected. in cairo, greg palkot, fox news. >> it looks like
house is debating a complete pullout of u.s. troops from afghanistan perhaps as soon as next year. obama administration officials tell cbs news, frustration with afghan's president karzai is contributing to the possible reversal of the plan that had been to keep a small number of american troops over there after 2014. and house speaker john boehner says he's had concerns about u.s. involvement in afghanistan for some time. however, no official decision has been made yet. >>> the countdown is on for the birth of prince william and kate's baby. okay. by some media reports, the fourth in line to the british throne is due in just four days. that would be, oh, saturday. the duchess of cambridge is in london but prince william is on duty with the royal air force about 300 miles away in wales. and he is reportedly planning to take a helicopter home just to make it to the hospital on time. first word of the baby's arrival will go to the queen. a notice will then be posted on an easel outside buckingham palace and the royals will also tweet the news on the birth. so much for-- >> a notice on an e
to this video of a demonstrator with a weapon as evidence. >> reporter: the obama administration is condemning the violence and will not take sides. the white house says it will take more time to determine whether to call morsi's ouster a military coup. >> tens of millions of protestors have legitimate complaints against morsi's government. and they do not believe this was a coup. >> reporter: former secretary of state john alterman says the u.s. has an interest in keeping aid flowing to one of the strongest allies. >> the law says that if there has been a coup, the u.s. has to cut off aid. there has been a coup. and the u.s. doesn't want to quit giving aid. >> reporter: egypt's interim president called for an end to the violence as he tries to steer the country forward to a new election. >> reporter: danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news remember. >> the u.s. is reviewing its obligations to egypt under law and will consult with congress before any move is made about our country's aid to egypt. >>> firefighters are back on the scene of a two-alarm fire in elkton, cecil county. more than 60
things are out. >>> the obama administration in the meantime announced its latest effort to enroll people in the new health care law. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius said $150 million will go to community health centers to help sign people up for coverage. this is happening at the same time house republicans are pushing for a vote to delay the individual mandate because the employer mandate is also delayed. >>> house republicans want to dramatically reduce the budget for the irs by up to $3 billion. this comes as lawmakers craft a new government spending bill. a live report on that new showdown is coming up. jon: another major story we're keeping an eye on in, tropical storm chantal. it is moving rapidly, barreling toward the dominican republic and haiti, threatening to bring a lot of rain and potential flooding to that island. meteorologist maria molina in the fox weather center. >> reporter: yes, that's right, we're tracking chan that'll, and we did get an update on the forecast track, and now we're thinking the storm system should track farther westward, so we'll
was working towards a one-person, one-coalition, one-party government. and so the obama administration, time and time and time again, sent morsi warnings. you have to work with the opposition. and they did this for months. even leading up to the overthrow, if that's what we're going to call it, or the coup if that's what we're going to call it, and morsi time and time again snatched what would you say, snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. i mean he did everything wrong he could possibly do. >> right. >> to lead to this terrible conclusion. so while we're sitting here talking about what a horrible outcome it is, and it is a horrible outcome, a lot of the burden, a lot of the responsibility lands at the feet of morsi. "the new york times" quoted members of the muslim brotherhood that said if i weren't a member of the muslim brotherhood i would think this guy was trying to set himself up as dictator. >> sam made the good point earlier that morsi is going to be the one to watch and what he does, whether he throws his weight behind some semblance of stability will tell us about whether his l
the obama administration provides a big opening for republicans after the white house announcement last week that it will delay fraud prevention measures in the new health care law until after the 2014 midterm elections. house law makings are gearing up for a hearing to push back the mandate for providing health coverage for employers. rich lowery, fox news contributor, and a big fan of the president's health care law. no, i made that last part up. we find out that this employer mandate is not going to be enforced, the white house says for another year. valerie jarrett says it is all fine. everything is still going according to plan. >> seems to matter just black letter law, in this law that you had to set up the, had to get employer mandate underway now. and this is just another case, jon, where they seem to be rewriting law on the fly and it relates to the latest change which there's not, they're not going to verify the people who get on the exchanges whether they're really eligible for them which seems to fail the most basic test of good government. so all this just means that they have c
republicans like to be able to push to president obama and this administration, because this is the key thing they have been trying to fight since it was passed. so the employer mandate, which has been pushed off for small businesses, really because of all the forms and difficulty. it's 10 pages of instructions for small businesses to try to figure out how to even fill out the forms. so the individual mandates a little bit simpler to understand. you buy insurance or you pay a fine. that's it. you go on the health exchange that will be set up in october for those who are uninsured or don't have insurance through their companies, they would have to buy it starting in october for enrollment in january. >> the white house says never mind, we'll do it the way we're doing it. >> there's probably other things they wind up having to slow walk or push back because they know they are not getting any help on trying to implement this and they know it's very complicated. >> lets move over to the senate now. there's an effort by senate democrats to change some of the filibuster rules. >> yeah, this is very
for the obama administration and do they have the authority to ignore the law they worked so hard to pass without any republican support? >>gretchen: that is what is percolating now after they released all of this last week before the holiday. i think now that members of congress are back from break and really thinking about this, they're like wait a minute, you can't pick and choose which parts of the law you want to enact and which parts you want to throw out. keep in mind, republicans have wanted to throw out the whole thing for a long time. governor rick perry who recently announced he's not running for another term as governor of texas was on the greta show last night and here's what he had to say about that. >> i think if there is a real achilles' heel -- and there's many with this piece of legislation -- it's the exchanges. we did not choose to participate in them. and one of the things i think you're seeing this administration understanding now is because of the cost and because of the expertise that the federal government does not have either of, that they're looking for ways to
accountable for what's happened with fast and furious and to try and get answers. as you mentioned, the obama administration has asserted executive privilege over thousands of pages of documents and we're hopeful through the civil lawsuit that we'll be able to not only get some justice and accountability for brian, but also get access to some of those documents. >> brian: robert, are you sad it's come to this? >> well, obviously. the rule of law should be the predominant emphasis both here in this country and in mexico. and when we have police officers and border patrol agents like brian terry being shot to death with weapons supplied to the bad guys by atf, rule of law has broken down. >> brian: do you want to help the family find out the latest on the lawsuit, go to thank you. >> thank you. >> brian: as this moves forward, we'll have you back. being beautiful is not easy. >> i'm starving. i'm exhausted. i had a power bar today. okay, well, maybe half a banana. then all that tequila. >> brian: the stars of the new show "crown chasers" sits down with us after the break. b
that the administration is unhappy that the muslim brotherhood lost power? >> yes, first thing that president obama does internationally as president go to cairo and deliver a speech that was roundly appearing as an apology. and the next thing egyptian people pour in the streets and he supports the overthrow of hosany mubarak who had forced peace with israel. and he backs the muslim brotherhood. president obama invited the brotherhod to the spoech and own though mubarak outlawed it. president obama had no problems of having members sitting there. and they come into power and in the president so and controlling the parliment and now that the egyptian people are fed up with the total incompetence of running the egyptian economy that is a complete basket case and the dishonesty of the muslim brotherhod. and so every turn the president enacted the wrong course and we are left with little leverage except for the military aid that goes to the military. >> you wrote a interesting piece saying that the egyptians are saying don't call it a coup. this is a revolution. we are very unhappy, the egyptian people are
all u.s. troops out of afghanistan in 2014. a senior administration official says mr. obama is growing increasingly frustrated with afghan president karzai. the two leaders have been discussing a plan to leave behind some u.s. troops to train afghan forces and help fight insurgents, but now the president is said to be seriously considering a complete withdrawal. >>> top egyptian security officials defending army and police actions that had deadly consequences. they say the army and police were defending the republican guard headquarters from attackers. more than 51 were killed in those clashes. 434 others were wounded. in the meantime, state media reports interim leader adly mansour has issued a decree giving himself unlimited powers to make laws and outlined a time table for elections. >>> a hunger strike could be under way in california prisons. about 30,000 inmates refused meals yesterday. more than 2,000 skipped their jobs or classes at the prison. inmates at pelican bay state prison in northern california organized that protest. they are upset with a state policy where inmates can
under president obama than did under president bush, and you think of the attention given to that. in the bush administration there was discussion why the president didn't talk about those who were lost. and where is the outrage on that front for this president where afghanistan is concerned from people who feel that way? >> he is a democrat, and that helps him substantially because many in the press are way more willing to give a democratic president or office holder slack. two of the top guys on foreign policy and national security, chuck hagel, a former republican and senator and john kerry both made their careers in opposition to the vietnam war and john kerry famously said how can you be the man to ask a man to die for a mistake? >> we had a report that crossed the wires a moment ago saying that the president has not made a decision in the u.s. military presence in afghanistan after 2014, we'll wait and we'll continue to see where that goes. that's the latest coming in. >> we are told to expect a now's conference of the ntsb will speak about the horrific plane crash in san fr
of this country which has to be once again moved to the forefront of this administration's policy considerations. lori: why can't we influence more? obviously a big criticism of morsi that he sank the gnp of egypt down to the flat line. >> yeah. lori: forget about what influence obama is having or what sort of financial aid we're pouring into egypt. why can't we just use our words, our dip home -- diplomacy, to influence the economy, to get tourism flowing again that way? >> it makes me, lori, not to look without our borders to around the world to a country that can influence us postively so we get our country back to prosperity. i don't think there is an external solution for egypt. i think there is a policy prescription within egypt that is not islamist. that is, modern, and is embracing a technology and free markets that could be excited by strong, positive leadership, particularly by the united states and the european union. but when our own leaders, let's be specific, when president obama is himself antibusiness, anti-free enterprise, pro-government, pro, he is a statist after all. he can n
in president obama's healthcare law. smokers were to have been charged penalties as high as 50% under the law but the administration started telling insurers that a computer glitch will limit the penalties and the fix will take at least a year. >> when twinkies make their come back, they'll start with a longer shelf life. i thought they didn't expire anyway. but the printed shelf life will be 45 days. that's almost three weeks longer than they used to have and some stores will get them frozen which will extend the shelf life even longer. so they'll last forever and ever and ever. so they'll last forever and ever and ever. >> i thought they i want it all... all the volume... all the drama with new l'oreal million lashes excess mascara. now l'oreal's legendary volumizing brush is bigger than ever - multiple bristles... for a multitude of volumized lashes. millionized... to excess l'oreal's clean-sweep wiper system removes extra mascara for no clumps lashes are instantly defined... dramatically volumized new million lashes excess from l'oreal paris i want it all. i'm worth it. [ female announcer
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)